About Us

The Vera Earl Ranch is nestled in the Sonoita Valley and spans from the Santa Rita Mountains in the west, east to the San Pedro River, and beyond into the Willcox Valley. The ranch has grown in acreage by acquiring land leases and entering into partnerships with other ranches, now managed by Vera Earl. Family-owned and operated since 1968, each part of the ranch is managed by sustainable grazing and ranching with the goal of enhancing the entire ecosystem.
Vera Earl Ranch is proud of our third-party certifications for All-Natural Cattle (VNB), Non-hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC), Age and Source verified, and CARE which is done by IMI Global or Where Food Comes From. We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure none of the cattle are given hormones or antibiotics. In the event any animal gets sick and requires antibiotics, they are identified in several ways and removed from the All-Natural program becoming part of the Age and Source, CARE, and NHTC programs, thus ensuring the beef on your family’s plate is exactly what we say it is.
Our cowboys continue to be educated in humane animal treatment, improved and modern rangeland monitoring practices, and riparian area preservation and improvements. We believe there is no higher or better use of large tracts of Arizona land than ranching.
We believe in what we do. We hold ourselves and our cattle to strict standards. This includes antibiotic use, management of the environment and ecosystems in which our cattle graze, and partnering with other ranchers, the government, and wildlife groups. We are selling our beef because we believe in our story.


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