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We strive to raise efficient, high-marbling cattle that not only thrive on our Arizona ranches, but provide the best tasting beef. On the Vera Earl and 4 Spear Ranch, we raise Black Baldies which are the product of Hereford cows and Black Angus bulls. These replacement heifers move to the Empire Ranch and are bred to either Charolais or Black Angus bulls. 
We spend countless hours selecting the perfect cows for each ranch. The cows on all the ranches are DNA tested so that we have a good idea of the genetics in our herd to meet our desired goal of producing high-quality, marbling beef. Matching the cow to the environment is of the utmost importance. We use the Hereford for its maternal traits and the Angus for its carcass traits. The Charolais cross adds yield, conversion, and daily gain to the cattle.


Raising Premium Beef: Our Mission

Vera Earl Ranch Premium Beef is raised, fed, and compassionately cared for on one of our ranches. The calves are born in the grasslands of the Sonoita and Willcox valleys and raised on the ranch until they are weaned at about seven months. When they have reached their target weight, they are brought to Vera Earl Ranch and put on a corn and hay ration locally sourced from Southern Arizona. They are fed in open pastures of up to ten acres in size until their finishing weight of approximately 1450 pounds.

Our mission at Vera Earl Premium Beef is to provide our customers with quality home raised beef. Born, cared for, and cultivated on the vast acreage of the Vera Earl Ranch, our cattle are humanely treated, fed locally-sourced grains and hay, and are antibiotic and hormone free. Knowing the beef you put on your family’s plate was raised with care and compassion, not only makes you feel better, it also tastes better.

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