Vera Earl Ranch

A Family Owned Working Cattle Ranch



    The original Vera Earl Ranch was founded by our grandfather Burton Beck in 1968.  It was run, and still is, as a cow calf operation comprised of rolling grasslands and mountains. In 1977 Burton Beck unfortunately passed away and the ranch continued to be run by his wife Bettie Ann Beck until her passing in 1999. Mrs. Beck continued her husband’s dream  remaining on the ranch and continued to run the ranch as a cow calf operation and furthered his quarter horse operation.  

    Upon Bettie Ann’s passing her daughter, Cynthia Tomlinson, acquired the entire Vera Earl Ranch and with her son, Ian Tomlinson, continued the ranching tradition.  Although not involved in the day to day operations, Ian’s siblings, Sean Tomlinson, Sarah Tomlinson, and Rachel Preston remain inextricably connected to the ranch and its mission.  

    In 2008, the Vera Earl expanded its operations, acquiring the leases on the Historic Empire Ranch in the Sonoita Valley. In 2012, we forged a partnership with the Sands family on another historic family ranch, the Sands Ranch. Finally, in 2016 we leased a ranch in the Willcox Valley, the 4 Spear Ranch. With all the ranches added together, we graze roughly 2,800 mother cows that create the steers and heifers grown, fed and raised from our ranch to your table.  


Vera Earl Ranch, Inc. 

Office: 3282 Hwy 82
Ranch: 354 Santa Rita Rd
Mailing: PO Box 227
Sonoita, AZ 85637

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